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Our values

We strive to always provide our clients with honest and reliable advice in the pursuit of balanced, well considered, practical planning outcomes.

We are constantly working on developing a culture and workplace that enables staff to perform their work ethically and efficiently, which encourages a professional environment for personal development and growth.

In satisfying the above two principles of value, we strive to succeed and grow as an enterprise and be regarded as the markets first choice for the services we provide.

Part of our efforts is retaining our ongoing Quality Management System certification by the international standard ISO 9001:2015, which was first achieved in November 2010.

Our process

MasterPlan helps you to anticipate and accommodate potential planning or development issues to avoid costly delays and achieve enduring outcomes.

If you’re not familiar with the planning and development system, it can be difficult to understand. Or you may be part of the industry and need planning clarification, confirmation of your project direction, or someone to handle a work overload.

MasterPlan can help you in a variety of ways. Once we have a comprehensive understanding of your project and desired outcomes, we take all related factors into account to determine any potential issues and provide you with the best outcome.

Briefing sets the scope, direction and mutual expectations for MasterPlan’s involvement in your planning project,
policy or concern.

Typically we consider
– Your specific objectives
– The project history to date
– Your understand of the relevant issues
– The timeframe or schedule
– The local community landscape
– The budget for MasterPlan’s involvement

Following this stage, the direction for future investigations and actions can be established.

Research involves the collection of important relevant data, which often includes the following investigations:

– Community needs and expectations
– Strategic considerations which determine the need for project data
– Land information
– Area and site analysis
– Factors such as soil stability, stormwater, utilities, civil services and works
– The stance of other concerned parties
– The requirements of relevant legislation and agencies

A report and advice that documents our investigations can then be prepared and presented.

This involves the analysis and application of research data to formulate a strategy that is likely to be acceptable to concerned parties and is confidentially presented in the form of:

– A written and diagrammatical strategy
– Priorities directions and recommendations
– Options and likely actions
– A schedule that co-ordinates the regulatory, commercial and strategic timeframes
– Review of professional advice and data
– A detailed scope of works

The completion of this stage occurs with mutual adoption of a start-up strategy, which can be implemented by MasterPlan.

This fourth step involves the completion of the identified tasks in accordance with an agreed strategy, including:

– Preparation of planning strategies, reports and assessments including rezoning documents, applications and submissions
– Policy formulation and amendment drafting, presented in authorised formats together with zone mapping
– Visual aids illustrating important physical, social and economic factors
– Negotiations with participants
– Maintenance and reporting

Where proposals have been approved, conditions may apply that require careful consideration and action to ensure your interests are best managed. This may take into account:
– Actions necessary to meet the expectations of the authorities
– The skills required, tasks and costs associated with compliance
– Responsibilitites and time frames to meet these expectations

Further, where environmental, commercial or social circumstances may change over time, we may be requested to respond to these changes in the following ways:
– monitoring the community and commercial environment
– continuing consultation and liaison
– assessing implications of subsequent legislative amendments
– reviewing progress and new decisions
– maintenance reporting and recommendations

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Our History

Where did we come from?

The company was born in 1977 by the late Commissioner Brian Turner. From that gestation Geof Bone and Simon Tonkin built Bone and Tonkin Planners and then in the late 90’s remastered the enterprise as MasterPlan, bringing Graham Burns into the team back from the Northern Territory.

Through the late 80’s and 90’s MasterPlan consolidated its place as the leading independent professional Town Planning practice in the State.

The new millennium brought opportunity for the willing to innovate and progress. MasterPlan seized upon these chances to excel and develop and introduced Greg Vincent into the management team and more recently Michael Richardson.
MasterPlan then took on the Northern Territory boldly during times when the economy for some was confronting and MasterPlan now boasts a formidable team in Darwin serving Northern Australia an area of about 40% of our magnificent country.

Again MasterPlan has challenged convention in creating its new operation by opening its doors in March 2016 at our Queensland base in Teneriffe Brisbane.

MasterPlan’s influence also extends to West Australia, New South Wales and Victoria with some significant and complex projects.

Most importantly, this history and background has been built on the people that create, reinforce and build on our culture and vision and those we serve, our clients.

Our Future

Where are we going?

The future for MasterPlan continues with great promise. This is reinforced by the overwhelming return of clients seeking our input and assistance to identify favourable pathways and outcomes to better their projects or proposals.

MasterPlan strives to succeed and grow as an enterprise and be regarded as the markets first choice for the services we provide due to the focus we have on providing professional independent advice that is honest and reliable.

The aims of the business are not driven by numbers but outcomes that benefit client needs, professionalism in the service provided and the relationships that we build.

This approach has resulted in an enduring, adaptable and resilient business model as proven by over 40 years of continuous success in meeting client expectations, professional service and developing long term relationships.

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